About Savera Medical Centre

Savera Medical Centre is a clinic dedicated to treating opioid, alcohol and/or substance use addictions. We provide counselling, support groups and treatment from our physicians. We have certified professionals to help you with your process in the new beginning. At SMC we provide an inviting and respectful space in which you can share your experience and struggles. We work towards improving your mental and physical health. Our services are for patients struggling with addictions of any kind or patients with addictions that are concurrent with mental illnesses. Our team consists of physicians with background in Addiction, Psychiatry, Emergency, Anesthesia and General Practice. In addition we work collaborate with various pharmacies including the stabilization pharmacy with access to dental hygienist.

In addition, our clinic is linguistically and culturally diverse. Our staff are multilingual and provide a different experience for patients. We are able to communicate with patients who speak English, Punjabi, Hindi, Russian, Urdu, Gujrati, Bengali, Assamese and Tagalog (Filipino). Therefore, we often have the cultural context to have a sensitive attitude towards patients. Specifically, our counselling groups are often geared towards people without English as a first language. Our clinic provides a unique experience that can cater to very specific needs.



We aim to provide assistance with addictions and create a healthier community. Our physicians seek to provide a safe and respectful environment in which help can be properly facilitated. Each patient is aided in a manner that is personalized and ultimately beneficial for their physical and mental health.